Drills To Use For More Effective Boot Camp Workouts

boot camp workoutsMany people who already do regular boot camp workouts understand just how beneficial the exercises that are performed can be to their health.   It is important that when performing such workouts you need to make sure that you use the most rigorous boot camp drills you possibly can.    Of course if you have never performed such drills before where do you start.

Below we take a look at some extremely effective boot camp drills that you can incorporate into your workout that will provide you with the results you desire over the coming weeks and months.

Effective Boot Camp Workouts: 1. Triple Minute Warm Up
Warming up is all important before you actually exercising as part of your boot camp workouts.   The exercises involved here are not only going to get your heart pumping but also make sure that your muscles are warmed up properly so that you won’t cause damage to them as you begin exercise.    The first thing to do is carry out some jumping jacks for 1 minute then follow this with using a jump rope for a further minute.   Then finally as part of your triple minute warm up you should do some burpees.   Then you need to perform these exercises again for 1 minute each.

Effective Boot Camp Workouts 2. H I I T Sessions
For those of you who have never heard of H I I T (High Intensity Interval Training) you are missing out on what could prove to be the most effective way for you to burn off unwanted fat.   Simply put you begin doing the exercise at love intensity for a short period of time before then switching it up a notch and performing it at your maximum intensity but for much less time.   The most common form of High Intensity Interval Training that people use as part of their boot camp workouts is running or jogging.     You should run or jog for around 75 to 100 yards and begin by jogging this distance up and back at a slow to moderate pace for around 2 minutes.   Then you should sprint the same distance and repeat this exercise again 4 times.

Effective Boot Camp Workouts:  10 and 1’s
This particular drill for your boot camp workout is designed to help get your chest and shoulders burning and pumped.   In order to perform this drill you also need some lightweight dumbbells, ideally ones that weigh between 5 and 10lbs should suffice.   First off you need to do one push up then follow this up by doing 1 shoulder press whilst you have a dumbbell in each hand.   Then next time you increase it up to doing 2 push ups followed by 2 shoulder presses and so on until you have reached doing 10 of each.   Then you work your way back down so that you finish up with doing just one push up and one shoulder press.

You may find when performing this particular drill as part of your boot camp workouts that initially you won’t be able to use the weights.  But eventually you will find yourself actually moving from using 5lb dumbbells to 10lb ones.


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